New Radio Channel

RadioLabour has for 5 years been the international labour movement’s radio service. It produces Monday to Friday newscasts of international labour news. And, of course, it carries a report from LabourStart every Friday.

RadioLabour will begin a Canadian edition on October 1, 2014.The focus of this edition will be on union activities in Canada with news items, feature stories, and interviews with labour leaders and activists.

RadioLabour Canada’s Monday to Thursday newscasts will be five minutes long. The main programme will be Friday’s ten minute newscast. All the newscasts will be available on the RL website, iTunes and via community radio stations.

There is no labour radio service in Canada at the moment. We need to get the Canadian labour movement’s messages out to more people. And we can do that with a national labour radio service.

But to be successful RadioLabour Canada needs volunteer radio reporters. RL reporters can be anybody interested in helping the Canadian labour movement: local activists, union staff and supporters. RL will provide training in how to produce an audio report. And because the newscasts will be released as podcasts, reports can be prepared and sent any time. We are especially interested in receiving audio reports from unions.

People interested in reporting, or learning more about RadioLabour Canada, should send an email to:

RadioLabour Canada will be available at:

There’s currently a for-testing version on the site. Take a look and let