DL78 would like to extend congratulations to Brother Ralph Martin on his appointment to the IAMAW Canadian office Chief of Staff.  IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. announced this new leadership Role to be effective Jan 2, 2024

Brother Ralph has been a long-standing member of the IAM, starting at Ball Packaging Products in Burlington, Ontario. Within the year he was elected to be Shop Steward; he also held various positions within the local, negotiating committee member, plant committee chairperson and health and safety Rep.

Brother Ralph was elected Local 863 President in January of 1996; he held this position until 2008 when Ball Packaging Closed.
His dedication to the union led him to be an instrumental voice in forming a job action center, which helped find employment for every member at Ball Packaging!

Martin became a Grand Lodge Apprentice Organizer in January 2008 and was successful in organizing several new groups, including in the healthcare industry.

He became a Business Representative for District Lodge 78 in Toronto in 2010, and in April of 2013 he became Directing Business Representative of DL78, he held this position until November 2014, when he was promoted to Grand Lodge Representative by Canadian General Vice President Dave Ritchie.

Ralph was instrumental in putting the IAM on the map in representing Health Care workers in 2018 when he successfully organized 2,600 new members at Spectrum Health Care

“I’m honoured and humbled to be taking this important role in our union,” said Martin. “I can’t wait to hit the ground running with General Vice President Chartrand and our entire staff.”