IAM Brother Stan Raper awarded the Bob Borch award at the 2017 OFL’s biennial convention

The late Stan Raper was awarded the Bob Borch award for his work advocating for the rights of migrant workers.

The award recognizes individuals who promote the human rights of workers.

Raper dedicated his life to the goals and aspirations of the Ontario labour movement, and the human rights of Ontario’s agricultural workforce in particular.

In the 1990s, Raper led the charge for basic respect, dignity and equal rights for agriculture workers in Ontario and across Canada.

In 2000, with the help of UFCW Canada and the Canadian Labour Congress, Raper launched the Global Justice Caravan Program, traveling throughout Ontario’s farm country in a mobile RV documenting the plight of migrant agriculture workers labouring in the province.

He went on to help build the Agriculture Workers Alliance (AWA) into the largest agriculture workers’ organization in North America, with more than 14,000 members across Canada.

In a tearful tribute to Raper, UFCW national representative Pablo L. Godoy said, “You will always be a human rights champion.” The award was accepted by Raper’s life partner and wife Terry who, in a read statement, thanked the OFL and said her late husband would hope that others will pick up where he left off.

Passing of our IAM Brother

Union Brother Don Edwin Cartwright passed away November 15, 2017 at the age of 84.
Don was hired at Champion/Volvo Motor Graders in Goderich, Ontario, Canada, in the Finished Products Department as a fitter, May 1, 1962, at that time becoming a member of IAM&AW LL 1863 (now LL 1975). Don retired June 1, 1998.
Don’s Funeral is November 20, 2017, and interment is at Blyth Union Cemetery.

Knowledge is Power!!!

IAM District 78 Union Stewards from across southern Ontario are taking part in a basic stewards training session today
in Toronto. Retired representative Colin Cherry, is once again presenting the materials, and through his years of experience
providing insight into acting as a workplace Union representative.

Private Member’s Bill introduced to save Workers’ pensions!

Ottawa, ON – It was somewhat fitting on the 150th anniversary of Canada’s first Parliament, NDP Finance Critic Scott Duvall introduced a Private Member’s Bill to save workers’ pensions. “This bill is designed to amend the Company’s Creditors Arrangement Act which currently permits legalized theft of workers’ pensions when an employer files for bankruptcy,” Duvall told a crowd of protestors on the steps of Parliament Hill.

Union Brother Leroy J. Ryan passed away

Union Brother Leroy J. Ryan passed away October 26, 2017 in his 78th year.

Leroy was hired at Champion/Volvo Motor Graders in Goderich, Ontario, Canada, as a machinist, October 30, 1974, at that time becoming a member of IAM&AW LL 1863 (Now LL 1975). Leroy retired December 1, 2004.

Leroy’s funeral is October 30, 2017, and interment is at Maitland Cemetery.

IAM DL 78 Union Sister passes away

NAGELS, Eileen Regan In her 100th year, Eileen of King Gardens in Mississauga, passed on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 following a massive stroke. She was born in London, England to Samuel Lawrence Brown and Annie (Regan) on January 11, 1918

IAM for Health and Safety

IAM District 78 members attended the Peel Labour Council Health and Safety awards last week.Although none of our members received an award this year, they have previously. According to 78 Organizer,Roy Bhansingh, our members who attended had a good time and gained new insights to use at their own workplaces.

Loss of our Union Brother Norman Helmuth

Union Brother, Norman Helmuth, passed away October 15, 2017, in his 80th year.

Norman was hired at Champion/Volvo Motor Graders in Goderich, ON, Canada, as a machinist, March 27, 1972, at that time becoming a member of IAM&AW LL 1863 (now LL 1975).

Norman’s funeral is October 20, 2017, and interment is at Maitland Cemetery, Goderich.

Machinists back a winner – Singh takes NDP leadership!

Machinists back a winner – Singh takes NDP leadership!
trbo 2 October, 2017
Toronto, ON – Jagmeet Singh is the new leader of the federal New Democratic Party with a resounding first-ballot victory by a margin of 53 per cent in the NDP leadership in Toronto Sunday night.

“Earlier last month the IAM endorsed Jagmeet Singh to be our new leader after a vigorous internal debate,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “At that time we concluded that he was the right person for the job because he most closely represents the values and the direction of IAM. I’m pleased that the rest of the party agrees with us.”

Singh, 38, defeated challengers Niki Ashton, Charlie Angus and Guy Caron. Singh, a criminal defence lawyer who speaks fluent French and Punjabi, has represented the riding of Bramalea-Gore-Malton in the Ontario legislature since 2011. He was named deputy leader of the Ontario NDP in 2015. Singh says he will not immediately seek a seat in the House of Commons until he has had time to increase his profile outside of the House.

Singh has been a frequent visitor to IAM rallies, meetings and demonstrations regarding precarious work, the Fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage, contract flipping and privatization of Canadian airports. “We look forward to working with Jagmeet to build power within the Party as we prepare for the next chapter,” said Pickthall. “Our next battle is in 2019, with the Trudeau Liberals; there is much work to be done along the way.”

Aerospace Jobs threatened: Machinists take to the streets to sound the Alarm!

Montréal, QC – Machinist members will be out in full force Wednesday in the streets of Montréal for a rally and march to the US Consulate to protest trade complaints and court action by Boeing Corporation against Bombardier.

“The International Association of Machinists (IAM) helped build the infrastructure of the Quebec Aerospace industry, we built it and we will protect it,” explained IAM Quebec Coordinator Dave Chartrand.

Boeing filed trade complaints and took court action against Bombardier for its sale of 75 C-Series 100 narrow-body passenger aircraft to Delta Airlines. Boeing claims the Canadian aircraft manufacturer poured the C Series into the American market at unfair low prices. Boeing claims Bombardier is able to do this because of subsidies from the federal and Quebec governments. “Boeing’s arguments are hollow” said Chartrand. “Boeing did not even bid on the Delta contract and the C-Series poses no threat to Boeing’s 737 because it’s not in the same size class.”

The IAM is the largest union in Canadian aerospace with more than 6,000 members employed by Bombardier at plants in Montreal and surrounding area. The IAM is also the largest union at Boeing. “Let’s make this very clear, this is a court battle between two corporations,” explained IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “Our members will be out there to protect to protect their jobs and defend the aerospace industry in Canada. In the context of the NAFTA talks underway, we must protect this industry and the livelihood of our members in Montréal and across the country.”