Fair Treatment at Work

Have you or anyone close to you ever been:

  • Forced to work when you were sick;
  • Unpaid for hours worked on the basis that you were in training;
  • Unpaid for overtime and leave of absence in special circumstances;
  • Denied access to training simply because of your age;
  • Denied a job, transfer or promotion for reasons other than your years of services, experience and qualification;
  • Restricted to certain occupations simply on the basis of your sex, disability, skin colour, ethnicity or beliefs, without regard to your capabilities and skills;
  • A victim of harassment from a manager or a costumer, and;
  • Excluded from discussions aimed at improving your work.

When workers stand up together for fairness:

  • Sick leave and leave for special circumstances are often compensated;
  • Clear rules are set in place in the attribution and payment of overtime;
  • You or your representative can express concerns and try to improve the workplace without being victim of reprisal;
  • A process is put in place that allow employees to seek fairness without reprisal (a grievance procedure), and;
  • Sound collective bargaining practises ensure that employers and workers have an equal voice in negotiations and that the outcome will be fair and equitable.