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The Fight for the Future of all Workers.

Today, IAM District 78 represents thousands of working women and men throughout southern Ontario. We represent workers in many sectors of the economy, including offices, manufacturing plants, healthcare and hotels, security firms and service contractors, auto dealerships and municipal workers.

Currently District 78 is comprised of 9 Local Lodges
Local Lodge 103
Local Lodge 235
Local Lodge 717T
Local Lodge 901
Local Lodge 1295
Local Lodge 1922
Local Lodge 1975
Local Lodge 2113
Local Lodge 2922

Working people of all races, languages, backgrounds and life experiences have come together in District 78 for the common purpose of improving their families’ lives.

Our executive, staff and activists provide leadership on a range of social justice issues including Human Rights, Pension, and Health and Safety concerns.

The IAM is the one of the largest unions in North America with more than 400,000 members continent-wide. The IAM stands for Justice on the Job.