Local 1863 Retirees Club

On May 1st, 2018, a party of members and spouses of Local 1863 Retirees Club visited the newly opened craft brewery, Cowbell Brewing Company, in the village of Blyth, ON. Following an extensive tour of the brewery and lunch, the party continued to the workshop of Mr. Everett Hessel, who is an enthusiast and restorer of Model A Ford cars. Attached images of the brewery building’s exterior and interior, together… Read More »Local 1863 Retirees Club

IAM against Airport Privatization

IAM members met with federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh today in Toronto, to present him with a petition signed by over 6,000 IAM members. The petition demands that the government not privatize Canada’s airports; something that is being considered by our present Liberal government. By changing the current airport model into a for-profit scheme, costs will rise as they already have in places such as the UK and Australia, where… Read More »IAM against Airport Privatization

IAM (Local 1863) Retirees Club

Local 1863 Retirees Club organized an outing for its members. This was a visit to Westlake Maple Products, Bayfield, Ontario, and a tour of the sugar bush and maple syrup evaporator owned and operated by Ron Westlake, who is a retired IAM&AW LL 1863 union brother.
Attached are two photos showing the visitors in the sugar bush, and at the sugar shack with the latest equipment that Ron has invested in to produce the end products.

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CLC Staff Representatives Join IAM

Toronto, On – Members of the Canadian Union of Labour Representatives, employed by the Canadian Labour Congress, are the newest members of the IAM. “We are delighted that the 46 Canadian Labour Congress Staff Representatives have decided to join a progressive international union, the IAM,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “The IAM prides itself on being a grassroots organization that listens to its members and works with… Read More »CLC Staff Representatives Join IAM

It’s International Women’s Day!

Toronto, ON – International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. “At least for one day, it highlights the work performed… Read More »It’s International Women’s Day!

Union Brother Donald R. Watson passed away

Union Brother Donald R. Watson passed away March 02, 2018 at the age of 69 years. Don was hired at Champion/Volvo Motor Graders in Goderich, Ontario, Canada in the Fabrication Sheet Metal Department on Jan. 29, 1973, at that time becoming a member of IAM&AW LL 1863 (now LL 1975). Donald retired in June 2009. Donald’s funeral was held at the Needham Funeral Service, 520 Dundas St., London, Ontario, Canada… Read More »Union Brother Donald R. Watson passed away

IAM Knowledge is Power !!!!!

IAM District 78 is training up the next bunch of future Union leaders today, at the Toronto office. “Ensuring that our stewards have the skills to do their job at the workplace, is vital to the future of the Labour Movement”, stated Basic Stewards facilitator Colin Cherry.

IAM Members Endorse Incumbent Grand Lodge Officers

IAM members have completed the endorsement process for the election of Grand Lodge Officers. The results from the U.S. Department of Labour–supervised election are that over 770 IAM Local Lodges endorsed the incumbent slate and 20 or 21 IAM Local Lodges endorsed opponent slate candidates. More than 97 per cent of Lodges nominated the incumbent slate. This only applies to the U.S. GVP’s. Canada in not under the U.S. Department… Read More »IAM Members Endorse Incumbent Grand Lodge Officers

IAM represented at the 2018 NDP convention in Ottawa

Over the long weekend the federal NDP held its biannual convention in Ottawa. The IAM was there to ensure that our issues are being addressed by the NDP party both in their deliberations and in our Parliament.  

February is Black History Month

It is the month in which we bear witness to the progress, richness and diversity of African-Canadian achievement.

During the 1920’s an African American named Carter G. Woodson created and promoted Negro History Week. This period in February was chosen because it included the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. In 1976 the month-long celebration was implemented, and is a time for us all to reflect on both the history and teachings of African-Americans and African-Canadians whose contributions are still too-little known. Below you will find some helpful links about Black History Month.

Ontario Black History Society
The Society was founded in 1978 as a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and study of Black history and heritage.Read More »February is Black History Month