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Why unionize with IAM?

Let us be YOUR advocate. Get representation and support from a union with the experience working with union employers to realize positive change in your workplace.

We know the value of having someone in your corner when things get tough.

We are committed to better workplaces, better communities, and better lives for workers.

Justice on the job and Service to the Community. That’s the motto of the IAM. We’re a union that believes that there’s more to life than just work.

We advocate for respect, dignity, and fairness in the workplace. We work to create positive relationships with employers, while seeking fair pay and good benefits through contract negotiations for your hard work.


Parts Manufacturing

The IAM Pension gives me the option to take early retirement.

Now I can retire with dignity knowing that that I can support myself and my family.

The IAM Pension is union-controlled. So, even if the company goes out of business, I’m secure knowing I’m still entitled to my benefits.


Having input in how the job gets done makes the job more meaningful.

Especially now that IAM has our backs in dealing with our employer.

Maintenance and Repair

Getting a decent wage scale was an important reason that we unionized with IAM.

Now we get raises every year and if there are any problems our union reps come in and help us sort things out.

Aircraft Assembly

With more than 100,000 aerospace members, IAM is the biggest aerospace union in North America.

Of course we belong.

Frequently asked questions

Are other aerospace workplaces unionized?


And with more than 100,000 aerospace members, IAM is by far the largest aerospace Union in North America, representing members with members:

• Bombardier
• Airbus
• Boeing
• Safran
• Pratt & Whitney
• Raytheon
• Wasaya
• Magellan
• And many, many more.

How will unionizing affect my employer?

Unionized workplaces are typically more productive, efficient, and have a more content workforce.

It only makes sense. Workers do a better job, and value their job more, when they’re treated fairly, paid appropriately, and have better benefits and a pension plan.

How does the IAM Pension plan work?

The IAM Pension Plan provides peace of mind by ensuring your financial security in retirement.

• Guaranteed retirement income.

• Easy-to-calculate pension benefits.

• Higher returns than RRSPs and other comparable retirement investments.

• Entirely financed by contributions from your employer and investment income.

The IAM Labour-Management Pension Plan is a multi-employer pension plan in which employers contribute on behalf of thousands of active members working in dozens of workplaces represented by IAM, proving workers with a secure source of retirement income with minimal risk for the employer.

Employers pay into the system on behalf of their employees based on an hourly rate negotiated in their collective agreement. The amounts paid vary according to the amounts paid in contributions.

The plan is registered with the government and subject to government rules.

The funds are held in trust and invested by professionals with a view to maximizing returns for retirees and their families.

What education opportunities does IAM offer?
The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Maryland

IAM is the only union in North America with an education facility dedicated full-time to the education of its members.

The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center embodies our commitment to providing top-notch training to the current and future leaders of IAM to help our members navigate the rapidly changing world of work.

At the Winpisinger Center, members gain the leadership, negotiating, and organizing skills to effectively address workplace issues, while learning how to advocate for economic and social justice in their jobs and in the community-at-large.

Why choose IAM?

Our professional representatives and highly trained stewards back you up in your workplace. We are there to answer your questions, help you when problems arise at work, and advocate on your behalf.

Our representatives also help negotiate contracts that make sure you are fairly compensated for your work. But good representation, fair wages, and reasonable hours are only one part of the story. We also consider what you need to succeed in your life outside of work.

That’s why we offer:

• Safety & skills training
• Job security
• Health plans
• Retirement savings plans
• Grievance procedure
• Bereavement benefits
• Member discount program
• Scholarships

About us

IAM District 78 represents thousands of working women and men throughout Ontario. We represent workers in many sectors of the economy, including aerospace, offices, manufacturing plants, healthcare and hotels, security firms and service contractors, auto dealerships, and municipal workers..

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