Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of unionizing and joining IAM?

The job of our union is to negotiate on your behalf for better wages and benefits through a legal and binding contract. We then enforce that contract and represent you if you encounter day-to-day problems with your employer.

Unionizing with IAM gives you and your co-workers the collective strength to ensure both a decent contract and fair treatment on the job.

Your right to join or form a union is guaranteed by law under the Labour Relations Act.

How do I join IAM?

The Process of organzing can be intimidating if you dont know what to expect, and many employers will resist employee organization efforts

It’s important to remember that it is your LEGAL RIGHT to join a union.

The first step in unionizing is for 50% of the workers in your workplace to sign membership cards. Once a sufficient number of cards are signed, there is usually a vote conducted at your workplace by the Labour Relations Board.

IAM’s Union Organizing Department, with its experienced and motivated staff,  will be there every step of the way to successfully lead you through the process.

Will management find out?

Only if you tell them. Joining a union is 100% confidential.

Neither the IAM nor the Labour Board will ever tell your employer if you have signed a membership card.

Are other hotels unionized?

IAM represents employees of large and small hotels throughout Ontario.

Most large hotels in Ontario are unionized (with IAM and other unions), and many smaller hotels (less than 20 employees) are also unionized.

Unionizing with IAM can benefit all hotel employees, including housekeeping, food services, front desk, and maintenance workers.

Will unionizing also benefit clients?

Better working conditions for YOU means better conditions for the clients.

Unionized employees enjoy better pay, improved training, fairer treatment from their employer, and an overall safer working environment.

Clients will feel all these improvements through YOUR improved morale, and with a less frantic work schedule, you’ll be able to do a better job (e.g. focusing on cleaning a manageable number of rooms).

How will unionizing impact the employer?

The occupancy rates in unionized facilities are often higher than non-union facilities, benefiting the employer.

Also, when workers are treated fairly high turnover becomes less of an issue for the employer

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