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The IAM is a well-funded, professional Union that represents hundreds of Canadian Labour staff workers across Canada.

We know the value of having someone in your corner when things get tough.

Whether its advocacy for grievances, representation at arbitrations, or the security of a strike fund, the IAM is the Union for Unions.

And of course as a CLC affiliated Union we participate and attend Provincial Federations of Labour and Local Labour Councils.

The IAM also regularly facilitates conferences and seminars on communications, human rights and political action to name a few.

We Won't Back Down to Protect Your Collective Agreement Rights

Arbitration Award

Recently, IAM District 78 arbitrated a Local 3111 members grievance.

The grievance concerned whether a member, Bilan Arte, had a right to receive transportation expenses, as defined in the Collective Agreement. After hearing the case, the Arbitrator found in favour of the IAM, and resulted in the grievor being entitled to over $6,500 in expenditures.

IAM Representative Jim Snider stated that, “this was a big win for Bilan and for Local 3111. The Local committee refused to settle for anything less than what Bilan was entitled to.”

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Scott Jackson
Rootisha Rampat Sukhu
Roy Bhansingh

Proud IAM member, Bilan Arte

Works at the Canadian Labour Congress, understands the value of belonging to the IAM. Photograph taken at the IAM 2019 Women’s Conference.

IAM Local Lodge 1922 members at COPE on strike in 2019.

Strike Support - Local Lodge 1922, Canadian Office and Professional Employees When the members of IAM Local 1922 who are staff of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees (COPE) Union went on strike, IAM had their back in their province-wide fight for a fair contract.

IAM Local Lodge 3111 (CULR) members at the CLC on strike in 2019.

Strike Support - Local Lodge 3111 (CULR), Canadian Labour Congress In 2019, after two years of stalled negotiations with their employer, members of IAM Local Lodge 3111 CULR, which represents the majority of staff at the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) in offices from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador, voted for strike action to demand a fair contract. With the full backing of IAM, and support from labour affiliates and activists across the country, members successfully ratified a new agreement within a matter of weeks.

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