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Federal Election 2019

What do you want your Canada to look Like?

The federal election is scheduled to take place on or before Monday October 21, 2019, all political parties will have the message that they are the best choice for Canada, and will be looking for your vote.

This upcoming election is especially important for working Canadians; our votes can either stop or continue the total the adverse cuts to key social services, education, healthcare, wages and all those things that matter to our communities and ourselves.

The attacks on public services across the country are not random; they are part of well-orchestrated right wing agenda similar to the Trump style leadership model in the United States.

The result of the Conservative government’s promise to reduce taxes will be that working people will pay more out of their own pockets for what was once public services.


Don’t be fooled – Your public services and communities are under attack!


Do you support these attacks on public services?

The attacks on working people in Ontario include:

  • Planned cuts of thousands of teachers across Ontario
  • Planned privatization of Health Care services, and dismantling of government agencies such as LHIN’s, Cancer Care Ontario, and Trillium gift of Life Network and folding patient care into a “super agency”.
  • Cut $1 per hour from the pay raise of minimum wage earners

The attacks on working people in Alberta include:

  • The Jason Kenney UCP government has proposed Bill 9 the “bully bill” which will allow the government to break legally- binding contracts, and impose wage cuts on thousands of public- sector workers who have already willingly taken two years of wage freezes as part of a good faith effort to help the government deal with the downturn in the Alberta resource based economy.
  • Slashing minimum wage for students from $15 per hour to $13

The attacks on working people in Quebec include:

  • The CAQ favours the decentralization of the health-care system and would allow the private sector to supply more services.
  • The Conservative government of Francois Legaults Coalition Avenir Quebec Party CAQ) has introduced legislation that promotes Islamophobia in Quebec.

Is this what you stand for?

Canadians need to maintain, and improve our public services – services we have paid for – not privatize them and sell them off to business/corporations for them to make a profit.

In this upcoming election, please take the time to make an educated and informed decision on which political party best aligns with your values.

VOTE for a party who will maintain and improve our public services.

VOTE for a party who supports and fights for your rights as a worker in this great country of ours.

VOTE for a party who will build an economy where it is easier to get a good job and earn a fair wage.

VOTE for a party who are committed to making life more affordable for everyday people.

Be informed and please VOTE


By Derek Ferguson – IAM Special Representative for Political Action



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