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Manitoba Elections

By Derek Ferguson,
Special Representative, Political Action

On September 10th Manitoba voters have to decision to make. Have they benefitted under the current Pallister conservative government, or will the NDP, led by Wab Kinew, be the better choice for them and their families?

Since coming into power in 2016, the Pallister conservatives have made life more difficult for ordinary people in Manitoba, they have created a health care crisis, resulting in the closure of three Winnipeg-area emergency departments including Seven Oaks and Concordia hospital, increased wait times, and forced people to drive even further for their health care needs.

Manitoba residents have made it very clear they don’t want health care premiums. Pallister said he wouldn’t introduce premiums during his first term, but if re-elected, the Pallister conservatives proposed annual health care premiums of up to $900 per adult would certainly place a further burden on Manitoba workers and their families.

There is another way; the NDP’s “For All of Us” focuses on ordinary people, not just the wealthy, and the big corporations. The people of Manitoba expect quality public health care; the NDP will reopen the closed emergency departments at Seven Oaks and Concordia, restore vital public services, and make life more affordable for the working families of Manitoba.

Manitoba’s working families cannot afford another Pallister conservative government. There is another choice.

In this upcoming election, please take the time to make an educated and informed decision on which political party best aligns with your values.

  • In this election vote for a party focused on ordinary people.
  • Vote for a party committed to fixing the health crisis, who will reduce emergency room wait times.
  • Vote for a party who will restore vital public services, and who will make life affordable for working families.

Be informed and please VOTE


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