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Canadian Workers Celebrate 148th Anniversary of Labour Day

2 September, 2019

Toronto – Approximately 100 IAM members participated in Labour’s annual Labour Day parade. The 148th anniversary of this special day to celebrate workers and our accomplishments was celebrated with music, bands and much discussion as to labour’s path ahead in these challenging times. The total number of labour activists and their families attending the parade was 25,000.

Along with the celebrations, many has pause to think about the state of labour. Gord Falconer, Chief-of-Staff for IAM Canada said, “Labour Day is the labour movement’s New Year’s Day. It’s the time we celebrate our victories and each other. With a federal election coming in six weeks, we have to think about issues important to working families and then vote to have representatives who will look out for labour”, he said.

The IAM joins the Canadian Labour Congress with a simple message for workers: Canadians must elect a government that is committed to a fair Canada for everyone. We are calling on Canadian workers to vote for candidates who support universal pharmacare, retirement security, climate action, equity and inclusion, and good jobs for everyone.

With hardline Conservative governments now running the majority of the provinces, we cannot forget what a decade of Stephen Harper, and now Doug Ford’s, Conservatives did to working people and their families. Let’s not let that happen again!

Let’s celebrate Labour’s New Year and help move Canada towards fairness for all when we go to the ballot box in October!


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