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Making it work during difficult times – A First for Screeners Lodge 2921 Negotiation Committee

24 August, 2020
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Toronto, ON and Hollywood, MD – The Negotiations Committee for IAM Screeners Lodge 2921 were hard at work this week preparing for their upcoming week of negotiations with Garda – but something was different.

Due to the impossibility for IAM members to attend the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in the US, the local leadership collectively decided that the training would be online and would include an online bargaining simulation. That’s a first of its kind for the IAM!

“The Committee was excited to get started on their training and the virtual training worked very well. IAM instructors are world class and this training has helped our team get ready for our upcoming negotiations with the company,” said Keith Aiken, IAM Canada Air Transportation Coordinator.

The training was completed via an online platform where both the instructors and the students could interact with each other. The online bargaining simulation was designed to be as realistic as possible. As an organization, the IAM is prepared for the post-COVID world and this simulation was a success.

“The Committee worked hard together and built solidarity as the week progressed. While we are disappointed that we could not attend training in person, but the virtual training and mock bargaining simulation worked as if we were there” said IAM District Lodge 140 General Chairperson Tayeb Lharti.

Hopefully we can regain access to the Winpisinger Center soon, but if the border restrictions remain in place due to COVID-19, the programs that have been set up by our team will put you on a flight path to success.

The IAM is the largest Union in Air Transportation in Canada.

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 For more information:
Tayeb Lharti, IAM DL 140 Chairperson, tlharti@iam140.ca
Keith Aiken, IAM Canadian Air Transportation Coordinator, kaiken@iamaw.org



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