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Final Push to Promote the Sexual Harassment Survey


Thank you for your assistance in promoting the national survey on workplace violence and harassment to your members.

The survey will close next month so we are asking for a final push to ensure that as many workers as possible fill it out. We especially need responses from Quebecois workers and workers in federally regulated industries. It is open to workers of all genders.

Like the groundbreaking Domestic Violence at Work project, the results of this research will inform policy and education initiatives on workplace violence and sexual harassment.

Below, you will find links to the following downloadable files:

1) Template emails for locals and members

2) Social media shareables

The survey is online here. Please share it with your members on all the platforms you use to communicate with them and continue to promote it up until the closing date, April 21.



This article was originally posted on the IAM Canada website. View the original post here: Final Push to Promote the Sexual Harassment Survey