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156 Howmet Canada workers join IAMAW

Specializing in the manufacture of aluminum castings for the aerospace industry, workers at Howmet Canada (Laval) joined the IAMAW to gain respect in the workplace and to be able to count on the expertise of the world’s largest union in the aerospace sector.

“Over the course of our discussions with the workers, we were able to build a relationship of trust and demonstrate our professionalism,” said Alessandro Bernardelli, Responsible for Organizing for District 11.

District 11’s three organizers did a great job of convincing the workers of Howmet Canada that the IAMAW had the resources and knowledge they needed in order to improve their working conditions.

The Labour Board confirmed the union certification of the workers at Howmet Canada’s Laval plant on August 13.

Meetings will be held in the coming weeks with the members in order to form the bargaining committee and begin negotiating their first collective agreement.

We welcome the arrival of the Howmet Canada (Laval) workers,” said Pierre Grenier, Business Representative President and District 11 Director. We are eager to start working with them and to improve their working conditions.

The IAMAW is the world’s largest aerospace union with over 184,000 members in 1,000 collective agreements. Active in the Quebec aerospace industry since 1940, the IAMAW today represents 65% of unionized workers in the sector. Among others, we find members of the Machinists at Bombardier, Airbus, Stelia, Héroux-Devtek, Safran Landing, L3-MAS, Daher, Tekalia, AJ-Walter, Air Canada, Air Transat.


For more information:
Alessandro Bernadelli – abernadelli@aimtadistrict11.org
Pierre Grenier – pgrenier@aimtadistrict11.org


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