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A new 4-year contract for the members of the ABB unit (Local 1660)

The new contract was accepted by the members of the ABB unit (Local 1660) at a special meeting held on August 24 in the borough of Saint-Laurent.

This is a unified contract since it covers both ABB units (Saint-Laurent and Lachine).

Following an agreement ratified by the Tribunal administratif du Travail, the negotiating committee began the work of unifying the two collective agreements.

“In addition to the challenge of renewing a collective agreement, we had to do it in such a way as to merge the two ABB units while respecting everyone’s interests,” said Stéphane Paré, Business Agent for District 11, responsible for the ABB unit.

A remarkable work of the Negotiating Committee

I would like to thank the members of the negotiating committee,” said Stéphane Paré, Business Agent in District 11, responsible for the ABB unit. It is thanks to their efficiency and tenacity that we were able to maintain and improve the gains of their brothers and sisters in a context of unification of work contracts.  Thank you also to the members for their confidence in their committee.

Here is a list of the main gains obtained.

  • Introduction of an anti-harassment clause
  • Change in the billing method for union leaves
  • Probationary period reduced to 600 hours worked
  • Reduction of the eligibility period for group insurance and pension plans
  • Addition of the possibility of extending recall rights
  • Accumulation of seniority during layoffs (recall period)
  • Clarification of the recall procedure
  • Improvement of the maximum amount for safety shoes to $200
  • Clarification on the distribution of overtime
  • Time bank increased to 80 hours, banked time at the applicable rate
  • Increased protection for Cable Workers during layoffs
  • Salary increases over 4 years 2.00%, 2.25%, 2.25%, 2.25% (retroactive January 01, 2021)
  • Introduction of a performance bonus
  • Unified pension plan
  • Employer contribution of 5% of employee’s total earnings to the pension plan
  • Improvement of the summer schedule
  • $800 signing bonus

The 80 members of ABB’s unified bargaining unit manufacture and assemble electrification and drive products, industrial automation, and power systems, serving utility, transportation and infrastructure customers around the world.


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