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IAM Air Canada Bargaining team preparing for negotiations

All members of IAM District Lodge 140’s Air Canada bargaining committee met this week for training in Vancouver to prepare for the bargaining in 2022.

“I am so proud of this committee. They were focused, worked hard and will be prepared when we get face to face with the company on this re-opener,” said Dave Flowers, President and Directing General Chairperson District Lodge 140. The committee will be negotiating this re-opener with Air Canada as part of the historic 10-year deal that was signed in 2016. The term of this re-opener is 2022 to 2026.

Keith Aiken, IAM Canadian Air Transportation Co-ordinator, was also present for the training “The team worked hard throughout the week developing our internal ground rules, we built cohesiveness as a team and started building proposals for when we get to meet with the company to start negotiating. We will be ready to fight to improve our collective agreement.”

Continued Flowers “The work that was done this week will lay the groundwork for success at the bargaining table”

The IAM represents the largest number of workers at Canadian airports.

(PHOTO From left to right: Tarlok Bhachu, Chantale Bordeleau Liboiron, Gary Doherty, Rene Grenon, Dave Griffitts, Craig Chard, Mark Pozzobon, Dave Flowers, Jim Burden, Lou Pagrach, Bill Tinsley, Paul Hicks, Jeff Yumang, Mitch Warren)

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For more information:
Dave Flowers, dflowers@iamdl140.ca
Keith Aiken, kaiken@iamaw.org


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