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IAM members working through challenging conditions

This week, IAM members at airports in the prairies have dealt with challenging working conditions as temperatures have reached lows into the mid -30s Celsius. “Our members have done a great job, working under extreme conditions, to get the travelling public to their destinations safely. Daily lows in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg today are -31c, -33c and -27c” said Kevin Timms, General Chairperson District Lodge 140.

IAM members working at airports across the country spend a majority of their working day outdoors whether it be the movement of aircraft, servicing/loading aircraft or the maintenance of aircraft.

Continued Timms, “The extreme conditions have caused issues such as frozen equipment, frozen airplanes and de-icing issues. All these issues cause our members to remain in the elements for a longer period. The airport is a challenging environment to work at on a beautiful summer day, never mind dealing with these extreme conditions. I am very proud of the work our members have been doing to keep the passengers moving and the planes in the sky.”

The IAM represents the largest number of workers at Canadian airports.

Caption: Airplane turbine encrusted with ice during the recent extreme cold weather (Photo: Ian Cursley, LL1681)

Article by Keith Aiken (twitter @KeitheAikenIAM


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