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Do the work, get the rate!

For decades employers have been using a legal loop hole to discriminate against workers by paying casual, part-time, seasonal and temporary workers less than full-time employees for the same work.

This is possible because legislation meant to prevent this unfair practice has not yet been made into law based on a minor technicality. Three years ago, this legislation received Royal Assent, but a “date of effect” was never announced.

Without a date of effect, the unjust treatment of workers continues to this day.

If the government is truly committed to justice and workers being paid fair wages, they must assign this legislation a date of effect immediately. Time is running out before the legislation is repealed, and years of har work will be erased.

Join us in demanding the federal government assign a date of effect for this legislation and end the exploitation of workers without full-time, permanent employment status.

You can help end this unreasonable practice! Please sign the petition below.



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