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Expanded rights and benefits come with new contract at LL2922 (Fabrene)

Members of IAM Local Lodge 2922 in North Bay, Ontario, recently ratified a new collective agreement. The members work at Fabrene (a division of Berry Global).

The Committee, consisting of Derek Peter, John Legassie, Terry Renette, Chris Demarchi, and Robert Altman, maintained a focused approach resulting in the many improvements to the agreement.

Highlights of the four-year agreement include the right to have a steward present at a meeting where a member is being disciplined, an accelerated grievance process, the ability for members to flex their shifts without the loss of hours, improved unpaid leave language, increases to paid bereavement, boot and vision allowances, the addition of a 7th week of vacation for members with 32 years of service, and an average wage increase of 3% in each year of the agreement.

“Negotiations are never easy, but the Negotiations Committee made it work. I want to thank them for their focus and dedication to bringing a contract worth signing to the membership. Obviously, the membership agrees,” said Eric Johnston, Business Representative with IAM District 78.

The 140 members manufacture fabric and film protective solutions specializing in the production of wide width coated polyofelin products for a variety of health-care, hygiene and Specialty end-uses.

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Eric Johnston
Business Representative, IAM District 78


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