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Members of LL 692 at Monashee Manufacturing Ratifies new deal by 89%

17 May, 2022

Kelowna, BC – The membership ratified a new 3-year Collective Agreement. The deal sees a wage increase of 4% each year. Other improvements included an enhanced severance package in the event of plant closure from 17 weeks to 24 weeks. The members had concerns regarding the possibility of plant closure since the facility sits on prime land in downtown Kelowna BC.

Other gains were in boot allowance, prescription glasses, and adding language for five sick days which was legislated by the NDP provincial government.

“At the first meeting, the employer wanted no changes for the next three years, again citing the Sunshine Tax,” said Al Cyr, IAM District 250 Business Representative. The Sunshine Tax refers to lowers wages people were willing to accept due to the good weather and easygoing lifestyle in Kelowna. “The Bargaining Committee made it clear the request would not be acceptable to the membership as the cost of living has risen dramatically and housing costs have risen to the point of unaffordability.”

“The Committee stood strong,” said Cyr, who made a comparison chart with other contracts within District 250 with a similar business. Cyr used contracts from Duncan, Prince George, and Langley and compared them to Monashee.

The Committee then presented the comparison chart to the Company and it showed clearly the membership at Monashee was lacking behind in wages. The Company took it away and the following day returned with a reasonable offer. “The Committee, comprised of Mike Czernecky, Herb McGuire and Jonathan Ward, should be commended for their commitment to making sure the members were treated properly and we couldn’t have done it without them,” concluded Cyr.

The 26 members of IAM Local Lodge 692 manufacture parts for Western Star Trucks, manufacture snowplows for snow removal equipment and various components for cross laminated timber, Glulam beams for Struculam, their main customer.

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Al Cyr, Business Representative, IAM District 250


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