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IAM fights for equal pay for equal work!

Last week, IAM representatives met with the Federal Labour Ministers office about the delay in implementing Bill C-86 and changes to Section 182.1 of the Canada Labour Code referred to as the “Equal pay for Equal work” bill. The IAM is frustrated at the length of time the bill has taken to be implemented and let our voices be heard on that note.

Under new section 182.1, an employer is prohibited from paying one employee a rate of wages that is less than that paid to another employee by reason of different employment status (such as full time, part time, contract, casual). This prohibition, however, does not apply when the difference in pay is due to such specified reasons as seniority, merit, or the quantity or quality of each employee’s production. In addition, employers are prohibited from reducing an employee’s rate of wages in order to comply with this new requirement.

“This bill received royal ascent in 2018 and has yet to be implemented. We were concerned that this bill would never be implemented and our members would be negatively impacted by this. The government has now committed both in writing and through the minister’s office that section 182.1 of the bill will be published and move into the consultation process in the fall of 2023” said Derek Ferguson IAM Political Action Representative Canada.

It is also important to point out that there is a clause contained in Bill C 86, which states, if a collective agreement contains a provision that allows differences in rates of wages based on employment status, the collective agreement provision will prevail over new section 182.1 for two years following the coming into force date.

“We will continue to monitor the progress in implementation of this bill and will provide updates as soon as we know about them,” concluded Ferguson.

The IAM will continue to lobby and fight on behalf of our members and all workers in Canada.

The IAM represents the greatest number of workers at Canadian airports.


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