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ITUC joins ILO Global Coalition for Social Justice

The ITUC is now a member of the Global Coalition for Social Justice – a ground-breaking initiative aimed at intensifying collective efforts to address social justice deficits.

ITUC General Secretary Luc Triangle said: “The Coalition is key to tackling increasing inequality, insecurity, and military confrontation worldwide – all these are factors that undermine democracy and erode trust in governments.

“The foundation of restoring this trust and facing the major challenges of climate and technological change, is a New Social Contract based on decent jobs, workers’ rights, universal social protection for all, fair wages, equality and inclusions. This will help us deliver social justice.”

The Coalition has been set up as a key and timely initiative of ILO Secretary General Gilbert Houngbo.

An analysis of the last three decades of globalisation reveals governments’ capabilities to protect people’s dignity have been weakened and this has contributed to a rise in extreme right-wing and authoritarian politics.

This negative cycle can only be broken by a New Social Contract that re-balances the relationship between government, people and capital, to secure global common security and well-being.

Luc Triangle concluded: “We are delighted to join forces with those genuinely ready to contribute to delivering social justice to more people. We look forward to working closely with the ILO to realise our shared ambitions through this important initiative.”



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