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Load Controllers in Calgary (WestJet) ratify important first agreement

In the Fall of 2022, WestJet Load Controllers in Calgary reached out to the IAM regarding their stagnant wages and sought to improve their working conditions. From 2012 till the ratification, they had seen wage increases only a few times, most of those coming after they signed with the IAM to represent them.

From 2012 to 2024 they were behind almost 20% of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase, which was putting a strain on their family lives.

“Through the negotiations process we were able to increase the starting wage to a living wage which was a $3/hour increase on the starting wage, in addition to increases to the rest of the pay bands. Load Controllers saw increases between 4% and 9.8% and 4%in the first 6 months with an additional 2% starting January 1st, 2025,” said Kevin Timms, IAM Canadian Special Representative.

Because IAM Canada observed other groups at the Calgary airport losing wages and benefits, the IAM and the negotiations committee stood their ground to keep these things, such as 48-hour vacation weeks and added language in regard to health and safety, which would give an avenue to improve working conditions.

It was the hard work and dedication of the Load Controllers committee that lead to a fair tentative agreement for our new members. The solidarity in the group translated into a 100% voter turnout and a 95.5% of the members voting in favour of the agreement.

This will pay off in the long run.

Special Representative Timms credited Roger Leenders, Elliot Searle, and Lewis Robins for all their hard work in achieving this First Agreement for the WestJet Load Controllers.

Load Controllers calculate the weight and balance of large aircraft to determine their load limits.


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Kevin Timms
Special Representative, IAM Canada


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