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Letter to banks from CLC President Hassan Yussuff

To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council
Labour Council Presidents


I am following up on my letter from yesterday about the targeted campaign the Canadian Labour Congress has launched to call on the big banks and credit card companies to help struggling families by significantly reducing credit card interest rates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to widespread anxiety among Canadians about their health and economic security. We’re all making sacrifices to get through this difficult time—everyone except Canada’s big banks and credit card companies. In the middle of this crisis, they continue to gouge families with sky-high credit card interest rates—often at about 20% or even higher.

The CLC campaign started today with an online petition which can be found at this link:

In solidarity,

Hassan Yussuff


This article was originally posted on the IAM Canada website. View the original post here: Letter to banks from CLC President Hassan Yussuff