t’s Official, the C-series is now part of Airbus Declaration of the Machinists Union on the takeover of C-Series Limited Partnership by Airbus

Montreal, QC – On this day when Airbus officially becomes the majority partner of C-Series Limited Partnership, the Machinists Union would not want us to forget that it is the workers who are the heart of the aerospace industry.

“The takeover of C-Series by Airbus must be considered the end of a chapter and not the end of the story,” said IAM Québec Coordinator David Chartrand. “This apparatus, which was born from the know-how of Quebecers, will continue to be manufactured in Mirabel, at least until 2041. It should not be forgotten that Airbus has already pointed out that Montreal will become one of its centers of activity. We will remain vigilant but for the moment we have no reason to be alarmist about their intentions.” Chartrand further added,” our determination, our genius and our pride in working in aerospace do not belong to any private company. This industry has been the livelihood of thousands of Canadian workers for generations. If we continue to believe in our means and work together to develop them, we have all the tools to stay among the best in the world in this area.”

In both the Bombardier and C-Series Limited Companies, the Machinists’ Union remains optimistic for jobs. “Air Baltic has placed a firm order of 30 CS-300s with an option on 30 additional aircraft and several other carriers are commending the merits of this aircraft,” said Chartrand. In less than two months, Bombardier has received two orders totaling 45 CRJ 900 aircraft with one option for another 15. The Global program is already on a roll. “Quebec aerospace workers are proving every day that we have our place in this industry. In a context where the skilled and quality aerospace workforce is scarce, we are in a good position to pull ourselves together, “says the IAM Québec Coordinator.