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2019 United Way Campaign

July 11, 2019

To: Recording Secretaries of IAM Local Lodges in Canada

I am writing to endorse and encourage the support of your Local Lodge membership for the United Way Campaign in your community.

These are tough times and we simply cannot allow the less fortunate in our communities to suffer because of the impact of the new global economy.

Unions represent workers…and more. Our IAM Local Lodges continuously devote time and effort to their neighbours. It is a tradition of volunteering that is as evident today as it always has been in the past. It is part of our credo of “Service to the Community”.

One of the ways we have supported our neighbours and communities is through the United Way, a tradition spanning more than 50 years.

The labour movement in Canada and the United Way share a common vision of “building a society which provides a wide range of social and public services which are accessible, universal and of the highest quality”.

When IAM MEMBERS GIVE TO United Way, their money is used in their community to support a number of programs and services that are:

  • Building self-esteem in young people
  • Enabling independent living for seniors and the physically challenged
  • Strengthening families
  • Preparing people for re-employment
  • Helping people in crisis
  • Helping women

To encourage our membership’s support for United Way and agencies in 2019, your help is needed.
I am asking the leadership of your Local Lodge to actively support United Way workplace campaigns by:

  • Participating in workplace campaigns by providing a Local Lodge representative
  • Activating workplace campaigns by influencing management
  • Endorsing the United Way by letter to your membership or through your Local Lodge newsletter.
  • Raise awareness and support for United Way at membership meetings.

As Leaders in your Local Lodges you know that this country’s social safety net is badly frayed. Supporting United Way will help to ensure services are available to our members and their families.

I urge you to actively support the aims and objectives of the United Way by becoming involved with your own work place campaign. Remember, the United Way is the way to help the most.

In Solidarity,
Stan Pickthall


This article was originally posted on the IAM Canada website. View the original post here: 2019 United Way Campaign