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Another Endorsement for IAM’s Aerospace Strategy!

Our recommendations and call for a national aerospace strategy received a second endorsement – this time from the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace (CCAA). This is a testament to continuous efforts, and strategic coordination to push for a vision of a solution to challenges the aerospace industry is tackling that work for our members.

GVP Stan Pickthall welcomed the endorsement saying that, “We have worked closely with both the CCAA and the AIAC and are appreciative of the acknowledgement of our contribution to the bigger solution. It’s a testament to all of our efforts and dedication over the last few months to bring the aerospace industry to the forefront of the political agenda.”

Earlier this year, the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) issued an endorsement fully supporting all of our recommendations. The IAM has been acknowledged as a strong advocate for the aerospace industry and our members for more than 60 years, and with that comes insider knowledge and valuable insight that is being acknowledged. Both endorsements are significant in that they show unity and agreement on challenges the industry is facing. This carries weight when discussing these matters with the government in power.

“The aerospace industry is one that is dispersed nationally, and all of our successes could not have been possible without our member’s engagement across the country” said GVP Pickthall. “We can say with full confidence that we are ending the year on a high note and we can all be proud of what we have accomplished since we launched the report and this initiative earlier this year.” The GVP assured members that the IAM would not lose momentum saying, “we will continue to work together with industry and political parties who understand the significance of this industry to the Canadian economy, and look forward to new successes in the New Year.”


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