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Working for the Community (CLC Campaign)

To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council


I hope this email finds you well.

The Canadian Labour Congress is pleased to share with you that we will be launching an important new project to pay tribute to Canada’s essential workers this coming May Day. We will need your help to make it a success.

This campaign aims to spotlight workers in various sectors who are helping to keep our communities running throughout this pandemic, demonstrating what it really means to be a team player.

The project will highlight photos and stories of essential workers from across the country on the CLC’s website and on social media, acknowledging the strength these workers are showing in the face of crisis.

A selection of the photos we receive will be transformed into colouring pages that can be downloaded and displayed in home windows as a way for the public to show solidarity and appreciation.

At the end of the series, a commemorative colouring book and frameable posters will be available from the CLC to help mark this historic moment in labour history.

We invite you to reach out to workers in your networks and invite them to participate in this exciting project. They can send a photo and a brief description of their work to us through our website here. (Please copy fsaptel@iamaw.org)

Help us to ensure that these workers’ stories are remembered long after this pandemic has faded from our collective memories.

Thank you for your consideration. Be well.

In solidarity,

Hassan Yussuff
President, CLC


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