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65 New members at Envoy Air Montreal

10 June, 2020
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Montreal, QC – The 65 members of Envoy Air, based at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal, chose the IAM to negotiate their first collective agreement. One year ago, employees approached the union for information on the IAM.

In these uncertain times, the workers were worried, and the absence of a collective agreement made many nervous and fearful of finding themselves without jobs or resources.

Organiser Nick Sifakis and GLR Michel Richer met the workers individually with an inside team. The organising campaign went well until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Several members had been laid off which made the organising team redouble their work. Even though Organiser Nick Sifakis was temporarily laid off, he continued his good work and helped the team successfully complete the campaign.

The new IAM Envoy Air members are primarily ramp agents as well as cabin attendants.


Michel Richer (mricher@iamaw.org)


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