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“Beyond Disappointed”

“I am far beyond disappointed to hear that the Canadian government has been providing wage subsidies (CEWS) to foreign-owned airlines who continue to fly into Canada!”

That was the reaction of Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall, when news dropped that a dozen foreign-owned airlines have been granted CEWS relief despite having already received billions of dollars in relief from their own governments. The CEWS database shows precisely which corporations are receiving the benefit financed by Canadian taxpayers:

“This is absolutely tone-deaf on the part of the Feds, particularly during a time when we have been lobbying for much-needed assistance for Canada’s own airlines.” Continued Pickthall.

The IAM is one of a number of Unions that have been furiously lobbying the Federal Government to bring forward support and to come to the rescue of Canada’s own air transportation industry. Across Canada, airlines, service providers, and airport support industries are all suffering, and IAM members are bearing the brunt of that.

President and Directing General Chairperson Fred Hospes echoed Pickthall’s concerns: “This is outrageous news, coming at a time when Canadian airline carriers are once again reducing their workforces. Yet there has been absolutely zero assistance that will aid Canadian workers!” Hospes noted that every reduction at the airline level also translates into a further reduction on service providers in airports across the country.

The IAM at every level continues to press the Feds for support that is worker-focused and will aid IAM members during the worst crisis in modern history.

“We have sent letters, made phone calls, and launched petitions in our efforts to demand this government bring forward aids our members and all workers who are suffering in the Air Transportation industry. The time for action is now!” Pickthall concluded.



This article was originally posted on the IAM Canada website. View the original post here: “Beyond Disappointed”