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Local Lodge 412 members at AstenJohnson ratify new contract

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12 March, 2021

Kanata, ON – Members working at AstenJohnson in Kanata ratified their new collective agreement incorporating many gains despite the uncertainties caused by the pandemic.

Shane Woito, President of Local Lodge 412, thanked the Local and the organization, for the opportunity to lead the Bargaining from start to finish.

“It was exciting to have the responsibility of working with the employer, and a great experience working with the committee. Committee Members Lewis Hanna and Bill Dixon did an excellent job throughout the entire negotiation process, we all worked extremely well as a team to ensure the members got the best deal possible. The years of Gary Hynes’ mentorship provided me with the knowledge and experience necessary to negotiate this contract,” he said.

The deal includes a 2% increase per year for all employees, raising the average hourly rate to almost $30.00 an hour. There was an additional $0.08 an hour per year for the 69 Rate #2 workers

Basic dental benefits increased significantly, the safety glasses allowance increased, as well as additional life insurance. This allowed the union to negotiate a lower LTD premium of an average savings of $50.00 a month per employee.

Because the number one request on the survey was pension improvement, the Negotiating Committee worked hard on improvements, resulting in an increase in company contributions for the next five years and member contributions being transferred from RRSPs to the IAM Pension Plan. Also negotiated was the ability to pay back on “Sickness and Progressive Retirement Shift Agreement”.

Monetary items are retroactive to January 1st, 2021

AstenJohnson is a manufacturer of dryer fabrics for the pulp and paper industry

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Shane Woito and Gary Hynes (ghynes@iamaw.org)


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