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NDP Policy must consider workers interests

Delegates from IAMAW Local Lodges across Canada affiliated to the NDP will meet virtually online April 9 thru April 11, 2021 for the federal NDP Convention.

With a Federal Budget expected in March, and the Conservative Party calling for austerity measures to be included in any post- pandemic recovery, this is a critical time for working people in Canada.

Over the last several decades worker’s rights have been under attack, witnessed by attacks on unionization, collective bargaining rights, health and safety, evidenced by decreasing wages, erosion of living standards, and weak labour laws.

The IAMAW has submitted resolutions to convention advocating on behalf of working people in a bid to ensure workers interests are pursued politically, and that the interests of workers be considered in any NDP policy formation.

The IAMAW represents over 55,000 members across Canada, of which 22,000 work in the aviation, aerospace and air transportation sector. We also represent workers in aircraft parts manufacturing, aircraft overhaul and repair, screening services across airports in Canada, automotive dealership, parts manufacturing, the hospitality sector, custom paint additives, industrial pump manufacturing, plastics manufacturing to woodworking.


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