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IAM Canada mourns loss of LL54 member Micah Baerwald

10 June, 2021

IAM Canada joins in mourning the loss of a member yesterday, 9 June, 2021. His death is a tragic loss to his family, friends and his IAM sisters and brothers. He worked at Novelis and was a member of Local Lodge 54. Police and Ministry of Labour is involved and an investigation is ongoing.

Members of the local are extremely distraught as a result of the tragic event.  All union and non-union workers are receiving counselling.

Micah Baerwald, an electrician, was only 27 years old. Micah was active in his local and had been a member for three years. He was engaged and due to be married on 30 September, 2021. He lived in Joyceville, Ontario. Micah had only recently become the Conductor-Sentinel for Local 54.

Working on an overhead crane mid-afternoon yesterday when the accident happened. Four workers were involved and when one of them saw what happened, they tried to revive him with first aid and with the use of a defibrillator, but it was too late.

“This is nothing less than a tragedy and should never happen on any job,” said Stan Pickthall, IAM Canadian General Vice-President. “Health and Safety is paramount in the IAM. That’s why we are so insistent our members get rigorous training. My heart goes out to Micah’s family and members of Local Lodge 54”.

Micah’s photo is from his Facebook page


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