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Links to sector-specific surveys

To: All Members

We want to hear from you!

Given the diversity of our membership and that our members work in many sectors and industries, the IAM is launching an initiative to better understand issues our members face in their workplaces. We’ve developed brief surveys specific to sectors where our members work, and are inviting members to take this opportunity and share their perspectives with us.

Information from the survey will help us understand your viewpoints on key issues, and help us prepare strategies to represent and fight for our members.

Please join in the efforts in fighting for a better future for you and your co-workers by completing the survey for the sector you work in.

Please select the survey specific to the sector you work in.

Aerospace Group
French: https://iamaw.checkboxonline.com/458C85EE-BC97-487D-B2D8-DC275AA5C6DE
English: https://iamaw.checkboxonline.com/4F8A2FE4-E693-43B5-BC6A-8D7768558B76

Air Transportation Group
French: https://iamaw.checkboxonline.com/B0B327FC-F876-4A52-B68A-7CD69C7DD132
English: https://iamaw.checkboxonline.com/A389D082-5706-4DFD-BC3A-18702C687DE7

Healthcare Group

Hospitality Group

Skilled Trades Group

Your participation is greatly appreciated.


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