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Local Lodge 1120 in Fort Frances, ON ratify deal with improvements

13 September, 2022

Fort Frances, ON – Members of Local Lodge 1120 working for Kal Tire in Fort Francis Ontario have ratified a new 3-year Collective agreement.

Improvements that have occurred are as follows:

  • Increase in wages for the 1st year of 3.5% and further wage increases for the subsequent 2 years of 1.0% to maximum of 3.0% depending on the Consumer Price Index
  • A $500.00 net signing bonus which means that the member will get $500.00 and not $500.00 then tax deductions
  • Improvement in Bereavement Leave from 2 days to 3 days
  • Improvement for Letter of Understanding (LOU) #2 from $92.00 per month to $110.00 per month for out-of-pocket expenses
  • The company will offer the ability to stay at the New Gold mine in Rainy River for all employees, should they choose to do this.
  • Clarification on the grievance and overtime procedures
  • Retro pay for wages and LOU # 2 if the offer is accepted
  • A guaranteed payment for prescription safety glasses of $250.00

“This is a solid collective agreement for this group and the bargaining committee achieved what the membership requested,” said Tony Didoshak, Grand Lodge Representative. “I would like to thank negotiations representative Walter (Moose) Prymak for all his help during this process.”

The eleven tire technicians perform tire repair, changing and overhaul on the heavy equipment used in the mining operation. The IAM also represents workers at Kal Tire outlets in British Columbia and Alberta.


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