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LL2413 members remain the best-paid FBO workers in Canada!

25 November, 2022

Toronto, ON – On Friday, 25 November, the 45 IAM Local 2413 Members at Signature Flight Support YYZ ratified a new 3-year CBA that will keep them as the best paid Fixed Base Operator (FBO) workers in Canada!

The previous collective agreement expired on 31 March, 2022 and the employer served notice to bargain and thus forced the local to the bargaining table as they required some concessions. At the end, the Bargaining Committee were able to introduce a good new wage scale that provides for retroactive increases for almost everyone.

New members who were just hired in 2022 will receive significant retroactive uplifts of $3.50-$5/hr. This provides some of our new members with approximately $13,000 in back pay and other new members with $5,000 in retroactive pay. Senior members at top rate will see close to $2,000 in retro pay.

These retroactive pay monies are always appreciated before the Holiday Season begins!

Additionally, we were able to grandfather a couple members into the top rate which provides them with an immediate wage increase of approximately $12/hr. These are the only 2 members who did not receive retro as a $12/hr increase was provided instead.

“We negotiated 10 paid sick days for all IAM Members effective January 1st of each year. These 10 days are on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis”, said Michael Corrado, General Chairperson for IAM District 140. “Additionally, we ensured 5 personal days (3 of which are paid) were also added to the CBA. This provides for 7 additional paid days a year for our IAM members, along with 2 additional unpaid days a year.”

Other gains include payments for footwear, which increased by 25% as well as an increase to the shift premium for each year of the CBA.

The members ratified the deal with a 92% acceptance!

IAM members at Signature Flight Support Operate the Shell Aerocentre and service the private jets. They have been members since workers at Field Aviation joined the IAM in 1956.


For more information:
Michael Corrado (mcorrado@iam140.ca)
General Chairperson, IAM District 140

Frank Saptel, IAM Canada Communications

PHOTO CAPTION: (Left to right) I am proud to have worked with a great Bargaining Committee consisting of Andrew Cook (Chief Steward), Lana Bremner Crozier (CSR Steward) and Andrew Cubbage (Maintenance Steward).


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