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Training IAM members – Quebec Officer’s Training

More than 22 members participated this past week in the “Roles and Responsibilities of Local Officers” training. “Participants from locals 869, 1751, 1758, 1660 and 712 are part of their respective executive or hold a position and it is important that all members understand their duties but also their responsibilities as administrators of their locals,” said Michel Richer, Quebec Co-ordinator, who gave the training, along with Grand Lodge Auditor Robert Savoie.

“During the training we were surprised to have a visit from Canadian General Vice-President David Chartrand, who took the opportunity to introduce himself to the members and answer many questions,” said Richer.

“It’s no surprise that members who get regular opportunities to learn, teach and develop, will be involved in the union,” said Chartrand, who has both received and given many trainings over the years. “Education and training are two of the most important services we can offer to our members.”


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