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Steve Prinz Appointed IAM Canadian Special Representative

IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has appointed District 140 General Chair Steve Prinz to serve as a Canadian Special Representative. The appointment is effective July 10, 2023.

Prinz, a 33-year IAM member, brings decades of experience to assist Canadian IAM members in western Canada.

“Steve has a very strong work ethic, a wealth of knowledge, and extensive experience in some of the toughest bargaining rounds and in arbitration,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President David Chartrand. “He has litigated hundreds of cases over the years in the expedited and full evidentiary process. We are extremely pleased to welcome Steve to our staff.”

Prinz became a District 140 General Chairperson in 2016 after holding several positions within the IAM, including steward, shop committee member, shop committee chair, bargaining committee member, and chair of multiple Air Canada bargaining committees.


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