Fight for Affordable Living

Ontario workers are struggling. They’re struggling to pay for groceries, cover transportation costs, and make rent or mortgage payments.

Workers need a real plan to improve our working and living conditions. Instead, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development, Monte McNaughton continues to repeat the slogan “working for workers”, until he’s blue in the face.

But, “working for workers” means taking action, not empty words. It means:

  • Introducing card check certification
  • Access to first-contract arbitration
  • Extending successor rights to all contracted services
  • Legislating anti-scab laws
  • Guaranteeing equal rights for migrant, undocumented, and gig workers
  • The permanent repeal of Bill 124
  • A $20 minimum wage
  • 10 permanent paid sick days
  • Support for injured and ill workers
  • Ending the misclassification of gig workers

Send a tweet to tell Monte McNaughton what ‘working for workers’ really means.


Tell McNaughton: Enough is Enough! | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Courtesy of OFL.ca