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IAM Local Lodge 712 Members Vote to Strike Over “Unacceptable Offer”

Members at IAM Local Lodge 712 in the Mirabel plant, Quebec, have overwhelmingly rejected Airbus’ latest wage increase proposal and opted for a strike. Representing 1,300 out of 3,000 workers at Airbus’ Canadian plant, the members of Local 712 voted 99.6% against the contract and 98.9% in favour of striking. #IAMAW @MachinistsUnion

Participation from members was over 80%. With their previous collective agreement expiring on December 31, the proposed three-year contract with a 10.3% salary increase was deemed insufficient by the members.

The high turnout for the strike vote signals a readiness to pressure Airbus for a better offer, potentially through a general disengagement of production or other measures like a work slowdown.

The offer was “downright unacceptable” – Rancourt

Eric Rancourt, Grand Lodge Representative said the proposed salary increase did not keep up with inflation. However, workers are also concerned over Airbus’ proposed reduction in insurance and pensions. Rancourt described Airbus’ offer as “hostile” and “downright unacceptable”. “We ask that the employer be open-minded and negotiate a fair employment contract of fair value,” said Rancourt.

“We made sacrifices and now our members must be compensated” – Chartrand

David Chartrand, General Vice-President of the IAM in Canada, a member of Local Lodge 712, said, “Our members have been working on the aircraft from the beginning. They were Bombardier employees when the then-C-Series was first introduced. They made sacrifices to help the employer and the program. Now, they feel it’s time to be properly compensated as Airbus enjoys international success.”

Airbus has seen significant success with orders coming from Egypt, Latvia, Australia and other smaller airlines.

The members are taking part in solidarity actions throughout the plant. Here are some photos from members who are participating. For more information, please visit www.aimta712.org, or their Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/AIM712Canada.


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