Planting the seeds of Community Service

Kingston, ON – The IAM motto is Justice on the Job and Service to the Community and the members of IAM Local Lodge 54 volunteered on June 7th to take part in “The Day of Caring” to help those less fortunate.The Robinson Community Garden has been donating fresh vegetables for years to ensure that those less fortunate can eat healthy. It takes volunteers to help seed, work, and maintain the Garden and distribute the crops at harvest time, something the IAM members do each year. The weather this spring has been extremely wet so planting on the two acres of donated farmland was out of the question. So this year, volunteers built huge planters to house this year’s crop. At Harvest time IAM members will volunteer to distribute the crop to provide area Community Partners with healthy nutritious food.This year Robinson Community Garden has implemented the ‘go home with food’ program for kids. This is designed to supplement the food programs in area schools. Robinson Community Garden wants to have kids take home fresh vegetables for the weekend, so pickup locations have been established so kids have access throughout the summer. All of this is accomplished through volunteers and the members of IAM Local Lodge 54 are proud to take part.