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Are tax cuts benefiting you?

By Keith Aiken

Across the country, people are having a harder and harder time keeping up. They hear about the economy doing well for the rich, but they’re not seeing the benefits for their families.

The recent corporate tax cuts delivered by Jason Kenney’s UCP government in Alberta have already added more than $2 billion to the profits of the major oil companies, while at the same time Kenney’s government cut the student hourly wage by two dollars an hour, all this in the name of austerity. For conservatives, austerity means giving tax cuts to corporations and the most wealthy while at the same time cutting the public services ordinary people rely on.

Conservative parties use the threat of high deficits and debt in an attempt to scare people into thinking these austerity measures are needed. We see this happening in Manitoba with Brian Palliser’s conservatives making massive cuts to the healthcare system. In Ontario and Alberta Doug Ford’s Conservatives, and Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party both claim that the previous governments left the books in worse shape than they were led to believe. They use this pretense in an attempt to justify the slashing of public services and at the same time giving tax cuts to corporations and the rich. Conservative governments have used this strategy for decades; this “trickle down” economic strategy has resulted in a severe increase in inequality. In fact, over the last 26 years, these same Conservative policies have resulted in ever-higher deficits and increased debt than any other political party in Canada.

We do not need to give more tax cuts to corporations and the rich, each dollar invested in healthcare, education, and other public services including the proposed Universal Pharmacare program generates five times more than each dollar given to a corporation as a tax cut. In British Columbia John Horgan’s NDP government has increased taxes on the most wealthy, increased spending in social programs, made much needed investments in affordable housing, and still had a budget surplus.

As the cost of living will be the number one issue in this upcoming election, don’t let Andrew Scheer and the conservatives scare you with their talk of austerity. Let’s talk instead about corporations, and the most wealthy paying their fair share.

In this upcoming election, please take the time to make an educated and informed decision on which political party best aligns with your values.

  • In this election vote for a party focused on ending inequality,
  • Vote for a party who will invest in programs like Universal Pharmacare, vision care, and dental care.
  • Vote for a party who will maintain and improve the social services ordinary Canadians need.

Be informed and please VOTE


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