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The Conservative Cookbook – Recipe for a Scheer Disaster.

Tired of hearing about the economy doing well for the rich, but not seeing the benefits for your family?

If you follow this simple recipe Andrew Sheer’s conservatives will make life harder for you –they will cut services – in the same ruthless way Doug Ford’s Conservatives are decimating Ontario.

Ingredients – Throw in six or possibly seven Conservative Provincial leaders into the mix such as Alberta’s Jason Kenney, Ontario’s Doug Ford, Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe, and Manitoba’s Brian Pallister.

Directions – Mix in one Andrew Scheer Conservative government, watch closely as he takes direction from Ford and Kenney to bake deals that work for big corporations and their wealthy friends – moulding, shaping – creating tax breaks, and loopholes, stirring up prejudice and fear as they make massive cuts to public services, health care systems, and education programs in every province Conservatives govern including Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

He will work with them to:

  • Gut and Privatize healthcare.
  • Slash education funding – Lay-off thousands of workers.
  • Freeze wages and shred the bargaining rights of those remaining,
  • Chop and sell off public assets.
  • Squeeze municipalities – reduce transfer payments.

In this upcoming election, don’t settle for policies that were made to benefit the wealthy.

VOTE for a party who will maintain and improve our public services.

VOTE for a party who supports and fights for the working people of Canada.

VOTE for a party who will build an economy where it is easier to get a good job and earn a fair wage.

VOTE for a party who are committed to making life more affordable for everyday people.

But most importantly – VOTE

Don’t let this election become a “Scheer Disaster”


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