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AIAC Vancouver – Keeping tabs on the future of aerospace

October 2, 2019

Vancouver, BC – The Aerospace Industry of Canada (AIAC) hosted the second of three Vision 2025 Election Town Hall meetings on October 1, 2019 in Vancouver.

AIAC invited high-profile candidates from all major Canadian political parties to discuss the future of the aerospace sector in Canada. The IAM, other unions and representatives from the industry itself were also part of the town hall.

The Hon. Jean Charest, Vision 2025 Chair and former Deputy Prime Minister and Quebec Premier, moderated the all-candidate debate on the future of Canada’s aerospace sector.

Invited candidates were Breen Ouellette of the NDP, the Hon. Harjit S. Sajjan of the Liberal Party, Hon. Ed Fast of the Conservative Party, and Amita Kuttner of the Green Party.

Attending on behalf of the IAM were Ron Fontaine, IAM Canadian Territorial Organising Leader, Walter Gerlach, Directing Business Representative for District 250, Jim Mattheson, MTU Senior Steward, and Paul Pelletreau, Business Representative for District 250.

Audience members had a chance to speak with the candidates and the IAM representatives took full advantage of it. “It was a great chance to talk one-on-one with candidates, especially during this federal election,” said Walter Gerlach. I spoke with the candidates, as well as people in the industry and some who lobby for the industry and found we were all on the same page. Everyone is onside with supporting and growing the sector,” he said.

Ron Fontaine observed similarly, “there was very little difference between the party positions. It evident that both the IAM and the companies share the same vision of the future of the aerospace industry in Canada, and discussions with the federal candidates confirmed the need for provincial and federal jurisdictions to all work with unions and the industry to help make this sector grow”

While the IAM is hopeful that the political parties stick to their public statements, we will watch the election results and follow up with whoever forms government and opposition. The consultations and great ideas must continue – for our members, for our communities, and for Canada

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