IAM District 78 News

More Healthcare Workers Unionize and Join IAM

Last month, 35 nurses working at Bellwood Health Services, an addictions facility in Toronto, voted to join the IAM.

Shortly afterwards, some of the other workers contacted us to join as well.

IAM District Lodge 78 Organizer Rootisha Rampat explained that “the job security that the IAM Union provides was a huge draw for them.”

“The IAM’s organizing formula for healthcare workers seems to be working well,” said Organizer Scott Jackson. “Once again, these workers made up their minds and stuck together despite a vigorous anti-union campaign. Of course, Rootisha’s constant attention to the workers ultimately ensured its success.”

The 90 newest members work at the facility and provide housekeeping, counselling, and therapy to people in need of addictions services.

They will become part of IAM Healthcare Workers Local 1295.