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Cooperation and hard work lead to pension bonus for IAM Local 1231 members

11 January, 2022

Mississauga, ON – Healthcare workers at Spectrum, members of IAM Local 1231 received some good news at the end of the year. Their pensions would be topped up by a bonus payment from the employer.

Almost two years after the pandemic hit Canadians, and after almost 75,000 home visits by LL1231 members to patient homes every single week, the employer is recognising the valuable work done for patients despite the challenging times.

“Our members worked tirelessly to protect and care for patients every single day of this pandemic and provided the best possible care to patients and their families,” Spectrum Health Care is a unique employer that recognizes the hard work and dedication from their employees said Ralph Martin, Grand Lodge Representative. “The company wanted to thank all staff with a bonus of $400 and our members appreciated it. Since our members are new to the IAM Pension Plan, we agreed the payment would be directed to the pension plan instead of a cash payment.

If members are not pension eligible, they will receive the amount through payroll, less tax deductions. The payment applies to those who were actively employed with Spectrum Health Care in 2021 and remain active as of January 25, 2022 when the payment will occur.

The IAM represents Healthcare workers in retirement homes and long-term care facilities throughout the province of Ontario, as well as Alberta.

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Ralph Martin, Grand Lodge Representative


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