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Keep on truckin’ – DL78 organises another win!

Toronto, ON – Forty workers at Vision Truck Toronto joined the IAM in late August, the second Vision Truck location to join the IAM. Roy Bhansingh and Rootisha Rampat-Sukhu worked hard on answering questions and addressing concerns of the workers. In the end, what convinced them was that their co-workers in Brampton had already joined and negotiated a first contract.

“Our organizers understood the importance of growing this sector and pulled out all the stops to get this win,” said Scott Jackson, Canadian Territorial Organising Leader. “They are looking for fairness and job security. We organized their sister company in Brampton last summer, 2021 and they have a solid CBA. Now our job is to negotiate a great contract!”

Representing technicians, apprentices and parts people, the new members will join Local 235 which represents Vision Brampton and a number of auto dealerships. Vision Truck Toronto provides sales, service and parts to the trucking industry.


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