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IAM Local 2413 Ratifies Improved Agreement with Bearskin Airlines

27 September, 2023 – In a significant development, IAM Local Lodge 2413 has successfully ratified an enhanced agreement with Bearskin Airlines. After the initial proposal was rejected by members, IAM Local Lodge 2413 went back to the negotiation table and secured a more favourable deal, boasting numerous improvements.

Michael Corrado, General Chairperson for IAM District 140, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “100% of the members completed the voting process, with an impressive 73.1% casting their votes in favor of this robust 3-year agreement. This collective bargaining agreement (CBA) sets new standards for apprentice mechanics, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs), and Aircraft Component Assemblers (ACAs), addressing crucial needs within our industry. It represents a significant step forward, offering our valued and skilled members a remarkable 30-40% increase over the course of this new 3-year CBA.”

Nearly all provisions within the new agreement take effect immediately upon ratification. Key highlights include improvements in pension plans, pensionable earnings, sick leave policies, hourly rates, and the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Additionally, the agreement secures a $2000 Signing Bonus for all IAM bargaining unit members.

The following is a comprehensive list of the improvements outlined in the updated Collective Agreement:

  • Enhanced premiums for Crew Chiefs, Lead Hands, night shift, and specialty premiums.
  • Increased mileage or transportation allowance for travel assignments.
  • Elimination of punching in and out for lunch or coffee breaks.
  • Reduced duration of disciplinary records.
  • Improved recall rights during future layoffs.
  • Substantial enhancements in meal allowances.
  • Refined language regarding paid travel time, including training-related compensation.
  • Improved overtime entitlements for those on modified work schedules.
  • Further enhancements to paid sick days and medical leave.
  • Increased pension plan contributions and pensionable earnings.
  • Expanded Statutory/General Holidays.
  • Augmented time bank for O.T. hours and the banking of Statutory Holiday hours.
  • Increased M2 Premium for Metro and Dash 8 ACA members working on Dash 8 aircraft.
  • Noteworthy pay increases effective immediately upon ratification.
  • Annual wage and wage scale increments based on an improved CPI formula.
  • Annual uniform allowance to enable members to order clothing allotments through the supplier.

The bargaining unit, consisting of 26 members, includes apprentice mechanics, AMEs, ACAs, general maintenance and parts personnel.


For more information, please contact:
Michael Corrado, General Chairperson, IAM District 140
Email: mcorrado@iam140.ca


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