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Local Lodge 1231 gets new Communicator and training

31 August, 2022

Toronto, ON – IAM Local Lodge 1231 has a new Communicator. Along with the announcement of the appointment, Sabiha Khan also received communications training to go with her appointment.

Khan received basic training from Frank Saptel at the Canadian Office of the IAM via Zoom. The training covered WordPress, as well as an orientation to the (new) Facebook page for the local.

“Since joining the union, we have an integral role in our workplace,” said Khan. “We have job security and a safer environment at work. We also have a pension plan which we never had. Workers now have opportunities to enhance themselves through education and training. Mostly, we are more comfortable to express ourselves for what we want need without fear of reprisal,” she concluded.

Khan is one of the founding members of the local and her signature appears on the Charter granted to the local. In 2018, more than 2,400 workers at Spectrum Health Services joined the IAM.


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